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Why Serenity?

     Are the people in your life difficult to deal with? Is your spouse not pulling their fair share or grateful for the long hours you put in at work to provide for the family? Does your teenage children refuse  to help around the house, not follow the rules, break curfew, use drugs, or rebel against everything you say? Are you trying to understand why all of your relationships fail, even though you are a great catch? Has your sex life disappeared after having children and you find more romance and intimacy in novels? Does your significant other seem to always tell you no, that they are too tired, or not right now when you try to initiate sex? Are you looking for ways to stand up to your boss, but afraid of any negative consequences? Is it hard to get out of bed in the morning because your sadness is overwhelming or you dread going to work? Are you not getting enough sleep at night because you keep ruminating or worrying about what the next day may bring? Does it seem that your phone is permanently stuck to your hand or that your family spends more time watching tv or on the internet than together? Do you need to do some quick problem-solving or need to consult with someone in regards to some major life decisions? Are you divorcing, but want to find ways to be amicable with your spouse in regards to your children and the division of assets? Are you seeking solutions to these or similar problems? Do you want the opportunity to find solace in a warm inviting environment away from the stress of your life, a judgment free zone where you can have the space to relax and work through the stress, a path to serenity?

     Serenity is having a disposition free from mental stress, anxiety, and other negative emotions. It is a state of peace, calm, and tranquility. 

     In life we have had and continue to have events, both positive and negative, that shape who we are and impact our functioning. At times, we may experience depression, anxiety, anger, work problems, or relationship conflicts with our spouses/significant others, children, family and friends that we have not been able to solve on our own. Maybe we are not functioning at our full capacity due to stressors that are impacting our ability to cope. These experiences may cause us to not experience the full amount of joy and happiness that we deserve; when what we want is to live our lives fully and exist in a place of calm, peace, and ease, a place of serenity.

     Serenity Through Enrichment does not approach or view psychotherapy as merely the alleviation of suffering, but a holistic approach focusing on integrating the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual components of an individual so that they may have full, rewarding, and enriched lives. It includes the exploration and strengthening of a person's potential, through augmenting their inner resources. The ultimate goal being a higher sense of self awareness and functioning, as well as arriving at equanimity and harmony.

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