Serenity Through Enrichment Psychological Services, LLC

Nakia Perry-Goffney, PsyD, MA, LCP
2915 Hunter Mill Road Suite 14 
Oakton, VA  22124​
About Serenity Through Enrichment
     I obtained my doctorate in Clinical Psychology and Masters of Arts in Criminal Justice as part of a joint degree program offered through the Institute of Graduate Clinical Psychology, an APA accredited program, at Widener University. In addition to my training as a clinical psychologist, I concentrated in forensic psychology. I am a member of Psi Chi (psychology national honor society), and professional organizations in Virginia: Virginia Academy of Clinical Psychologist, in which I am the Membership and By-law Chair; Virginia Psychological Association; and Northern Virginia Academy of Clinical Psychology.

     I utilize an integrative approach based on each person’s individual needs. I believe in looking at the different roles and cultural identities that a person has (e.g. age, gender, socioeconomic status, race, spirituality, etc.) in order to tailor therapy so that it is individualized. For example, if you are a woman that is struggling to maintain a sexual relationship with your significant other we may focus on identifying the factors that are occurring in the here and now that is impacting the relationship and develop solutions together. Or, we may examine things that may have occurred in the past that is limiting your ability to be intimate. The goal is for your therapy to be reflective of your needs. Maybe you need to troubleshoot and need only a few consultation sessions to learn how to ask your boss for a promotion or raise. Maybe you are stuggling with feelings of depression and you need assistance in developing the motivation to reconnect and become "activated" so that you can find excitement in your life. Thus, therapy for you would be somewhere that you can identify different activities that you once enjoyed or experiment with trying new activities. ​ 

     My orientation to therapy is based on a collaborative model that is client-centered through  providing an empathic environment that is free from judgment, where one can learn new ways of thinking and behaving